CENIT ARTE NATURA is the campus of TEATRO CENIT, located in Minca, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Built with bio-architectural techniques and materials, 100% environmentally friendly. It is a space conceived to understand how the arts transform society, through practice.

A space for artistic research, a space available for the pedagogy of the living arts, a space for the meeting of artists, a space for bio-architecture and permaculture.

A space to share, experiment, investigate, imagine and study the thousands of variations and possibilities that exist when the arts, pedagogy, social commitment and nature are intertwined.


1. Reconnecting with nature to activate listening.
2. Leave no trace, promote bio-architecture under this motto.
3. To live in a space that is conducive to meeting oneself again.
4. To create human experiences through art and in direct contact with
5. To create another type of relationship between people, where what
prevails is the creative action.
6. To understand the artistic residences as a privileged situation for
creation and human experience.
7. A space to develope our methodology “Theater as Bridge”.
8. A space for interdisciplinary dialogue.
9. A space to observe with respect all forms of biodiversity.
10. A place to honor with masks, songs, dances and theater
Gwinendua, the Heart of the World or Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.



The Cenit Arte Natura project has a proposal of vernacular architecture to which contemporary construction concepts and techniques have been introduced. Built with the technique of bio-architecture with Guadua or Bamboo. It is a handcrafted work that has required a lot of precision, patience and time.

Currently and thanks to the support received from the City of Geneva, Switzerland, the Pollination Project of USA, as well as private donors and own resources, Cenit Arte Natura has:

• A house/bedroom with capacity for 13 people
• Kitchen/dining room
• A theater or multifunctional space.

The goal has always been to build an impeccable space, a temple for the arts with social commitment and ecological awareness.



The construction of this space has been possible thanks to the support of the City of Geneva, Switzerland, the Theatre Du Galpon and all the friends and family who supported us in the Crowdfounding, as well as all the volunteers of different nationalities who left their sweat and joy here…