The methodology of the Theatre as a Bridge created by Bernardo Rey and Nube Sandoval, bases its roots on the social commitment of contemporary theatre. For several years they have been directing and coordinating pedagogical-theatrical projects in risk areas and with vulnerable populations in Colombia and Italy. Their projects have been financed by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, the Caritas of Rome, the Ministry of the Italian Interior, the Italian Council for Refugees, the United Nations and the European Union. Theatre as a bridge is a privileged instrument to embark on a journey inside of oneself, in direct relation with the other and with the surrounding space. A bridge that joins broken threads and reconstructs the plot of one’s life experience. A tool able to give visibility, empowerment and a voice to those who have not been heard before.

For this work in February 2016 they were awarded in New York with the “Ellen Stewart International Award “