Donato Sartori

Donato Sartori

“Nube Sandoval and Bernardo Rey have formed new actors among refugees and victims of torture, breaking the silence and the invisibility of the victims themselves. They have raised awareness over the richness of different cultures and we believe that all the work done so far should be supported not just because of the implicit artistic […]

Moni Ovadia

Moni Ovadia by Pino Settanni

“The directors of Cenit have finally conjugated civil and ritual theatre; it is a powerful indication of language and content. With a lump in my throat, I saw through their work the most intense humanity emerge in the most extreme reality of violence and pain. Theatre can also do this because it is the secular […]

Georges Banu

George Banu by Florin Ghioca

“I discovered Nube Sandoval some years ago in Colombia and I think she is a figure full of promises for the theatre of her generation. She is one of those artists who reaches an intensity of acting and a presence before maturity, submerging in the theatere as in a full life, in no way fictitious. […]