Winner of the Ellen Stewart International Award 2016

Antigone “still lives to make her voice heard, to find herself, within the fabric of her blood and her genealogy.”

Inspired by the work of Spanish philosopher María Zambrano, this epilogue takes place in the metaphorical space of exile where Sophocles left Antigone, a place of permanence between life and death.

From there Nube Sandoval (playwright-actress) and Bernardo Rey (director) poetically exhume the pain of the two Antigones, Zambrano and Sophocles, in a reflection on displacement and exile, theme very close to the modern tragedy.

The staging is a contemporary reading of the tragedy with the use of video art projections and the theatre of masks.

Direction: Bernardo Rey
Theatrical adaptation: Nube Sandoval
With: Nube Sandoval and Lara Pedilarco
Music: Ermanno Ghisio Erba, coro de refugiados en Italia and Teatro Cenit
Video: Paul Harden and Grazia Genovese
Costumes: Aurora Ghielmini
Set design and Masks: Bernardo Rey Rengifo
Photography: Camilo Gómez, Cecilia Posada and Ferruccio Gibellini

A co-production of Cenit, LaMama Umbria International, ITI International Institute of Theatre and Festival of Spoleto