The Centre for Theatre Research – CENIT was created in Bogotá in 1992 by Bernardo Rey and Nube Sandoval. Since its inception the Centre has developed an interdisciplinary approach to research, generating a continuous dialogue between performing and visual arts, creating unconventional theatrical spaces and deepening the study of the mask, its construction and use. The Cenit has worked extensively within social care sector using theatre as a privileged instrument to develop resilience and empowerment in vulnerable social contexts. This experience of more than 20 years consolidates the bases of their methodology: “Theatre as a Bridge”. In recognition of their work, Cenit received the following awards:
– Premio Catarsi-Teatro delle Diversità, Rome, 2017
– Honor exceptional career achievements Colombian Ministry of Culture, 2017
– the “Ellen Stewart International Award”, New York, March 2016;
– Honor exceptional career achievements Colombian Ministry of Culture, 2015
– 1st Prize at the International Biennial of Theatre and Psychiatry of Padua, Italy, 2006.

In collaboration with the CIR-Italian Council for Refugees based in Rome, Cenit has spent 10 years developing the theatrical project of psycho-social rehabilitation with refugees victims of torture. Under Nube Sandoval and Bernardo Rey’s direction, the following works were produced:

• “Word of the Invisibles”. 1st Prize at the International Biennial of Theatre and Psychiatry of Padua, 2006.
• “Dreams of Exile”. Claustro Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza in Roma 2007.
• “Occupied House”. Teatro India, Roma 2008.
• “Voices of Babel”. Teatro India, Roma 2009.
• “Lampedusa Mon Amour”. Teatro Argentina, Roma 2010.
• “Sulle Tracce delle Conchiglie”. Teatro Ambra Jovinelli, Roma 2011.
• “Exodus”. Teatro Quirino, Roma 2012.
• “Of Plague-bearers and other Demons”. Teatro Palladium, Roma 2013.
• “Mare Monstrum”. Teatro dell’Aranciera, Roma 2014.
• “Babel’s lunch”. Fondazione Il Faro, Roma 2015.

During the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 Cenit directed “The Theatre as a Bridge: A Journey towards Resilience”. With the Ministry of Culture’s endorsement and in collaboration with the Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities, the project was realised with the farm workers of Catatumbo in the municipalities of Acandí, Condoto and Unguía of the Department of Chocó.

With its artistic productions and its pedagogical programmes, Cenit Theatre has participated in a number of congresses, seminars, festivals and theatrical meetings in South and North America, Africa and Europe.

The Cenit has produced the following theatrical productions under the direction of Bernardo Rey:​

• “Project Shakespeare 1492”. T.P.B, Bogotá 1992.
• “De Claro en Claro”. Co-produced with Teatro del Río. Ministerio de Cultura Beca de Excelencia Price 1996.
• “Melquíades Mundi, viajero de Ur”. Produced by Festival Iberoamericano, Bogotá 1996.
• “La Tempestad, una Isla Flotante por el río Magdalena”. Beca Ministerio de Cultura. 1997
• “Marìa Magdalena”. Co-produced with Teatro Itinerante del Sol, 1999.
• “La Carreta de la Cultura”. Co-produced with Bogotá City Council, 2000.
• “Crisalida”. Co-produced with la Casa Laboratorio di Cenci, Amelia, 2000.
• “Word of the birds”. Italy, 2002.
• “Atilliput”. Co-produced with Attigliano city Council, Italy, 2003.
• “Campocruz, Storia di uno Sradicato”. Italy, 2004.
• “Menhires Ars Memoriæ”. Italy, 2004.
• “Waters” Performance installation Co-produced with Narni City council, Italia, 2006.
• “Silent Cinema” Co-produced with Este Teatro, Portugal 2008.
• “Fragments in Solitude” Co-produced with SINS Theatre Chicago, USA. 2011.
• “A study for Antigone” Producción del Teatro Cenit y Ackagi Visual Arts. Amelia, Italia, 2011.
• “Antigone Genealogy of a Sacrifice” Beca del Ministery of Culture, 2013.
• “Antigone in Exilium” Ellen Stewart Price. Festival de Spoleto, Italia, 2016.

Group Photo on Stage
Group Photo on Stage