In almost every country, the mask is presented as an essential instrument to open a window beyond the everyday world. You could say that it reflects the true face of each culture. Putting a mask into action directly implies confronting the deep roots of cultures, their myths and legends, their fantastic, sacred and pagan characters. The mask is an instrument of direct, immediate and uncompromising communication.

By its own nature, the mask demands a rigorous and refined technique of sculptural design and realisation. The same precision and rigour that must be applied to its use so that it achieves its primary objective: to awaken the imaginary of the spectator. The principles that govern the universe of the mask, contain the ideal bridge between the plastic arts and the theatre, since its effectiveness is determined by the sculptural rigour of its form, together with the function and the context that define it.

After 35 years of continuous research on its construction and use, Bernardo Rey has developed within the Cenit a work on the mask that makes it a precious instrument to reveal and amplify the character and tones of relationships between individuals, a channel that reflects and reveals the heterogeneous nature of the contemporary world.